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‘Acting in English’ Workshops in Italy

4 days – 24 hours
1 monologue – 1 duologue

Acting in English is a key factor in the industry for actors who don’t speak it as a first language.
If you are a professional actor who wants to improve their acting skills in english or a young actor who wants to audition for British Drama Schools this workshop is for you.
Every participant will work on a monologue and a duologue from a list of 10 Contemporary British plays.
On the last day every participant will have a scene filmed for personal use.

The workshop lasts 4 days, 6 hours per day with a maximum of 15 participants. It will be lead by Dogma Theatre Company members, 4 young talented actors trained at Fourth Monkey and a director trained at East15. The workshop will be entirely taught in English, so a good level of understanding is required; however part of the company is Italian so you will be well supported.

Warm Up:
Every day will start with a warm up session that will include basic elements of Mime and Physical Theatre, disciplines that are fundamental in the training of a British Actor.

Vocal Work:
We will also warm up our voices and work vocally. Aiming to improve articulation, pronunciation and projection.

Character Work:
We will work on your chosen characters, using several different approaches: physicality, vocal texture, emotional backstory, relationships with others around them, relationship with the space and environment that they are in. We look to give you a varied range of tools for creating character.

You will be directed as if it were a professional rehearsal process. Working to give you options and the ability to be open to every possibility.

On the last day, one scene of each participant’s choice will be filmed for personal use.

250€ – (early bird 200€)
You will need to pay 30€ (non-reimbursable) to book your place. After the first payment is received we will send you all the material for the workshop, including monologue and duologue choices. The remainder of the fee will need to be paid 7 days before the first day of the workshop. If you book your place 1 month in advance you will receive a discount of 50€ (early bird discount).

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