Dogma, non chiamatelo “Teatro”

What they say about us in Italy and Uk


Stefano D’Ippolito: They know how to create a cohesive group and the right environment to make creation happen. I worked with them two weeks and was an enriching and unforgettable experience


Selene Balbo: Un nuovo modo di mettere in scena argomenti talvolta scomodi, l’ attenzione dello spettatore è catturata dalla prima battuta all’ ultima. Well done!


Charlotte East: DOGMA is the bomb! Hard working company, excellent material, I thoroughly recommend… GO AND SEE THEIR WORK!


Joe Lewis Jager: Intelligent and thoughtful. A new and passionate force in the theatre world. Molto Buono


Angela Casale: FEROCI : bellissimo! bravissimi tutti! Attori, musica, regia!


Phil Stanley: Can’t wait to see this exciting bunch of individuals! They will not disappoint!



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