La Belva Giudea

by Gianpiero Pumo

with Gianpiero Pumo e Filippo Panigazzi
directed by Gabriele Colferai

“Best Directing” Award at the Short Lab 2018


Only one rule: the winner lives, the looser dies.
Herzko Haft won 75 matches. He survived 75 matches. He killed 75 men.Interned at the age of fourteen, Herzko was a boxer in a Nazi concentration camp. Never surrendering to his fate, he fought the hate around him. Physically gifted with incredible stamina, he was chosen by an SS officer for boxing matches against other prisoners, which aimed only to entertain the Nazis.
Once he found freedom, he headed for America under the name of Harry Haft. He was searching for Leah, a girl he fell in love with when he was young.
He needed a way to let her know he was alive. He needed his face in the papers. He did it the only way he knew how: fighting Heavy Weight World Champion, Rocky Marciano.

The show merges Cinema with Theatre. Live recording of the action on stage allows the audience to see the fragilities of the main character. “The Jewish Beast” is cinematic in both structure and style. The live recording also helps to remind us that this important chapter of history should not be forgotten.

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