written by Tobia Rossi

directed by Gabriele Colferai

movement direction Claudia Mangini

assistant director Roberto Marraffa

original soundtracks Orion


There could not be a better time for it. In Italy, as across the rest of Europe, we are seeing far-right extremism gaining support and power all over the country and particularly with young people. With this show we want to make something surprising and captivating that will speak strongly and directly about some urgent topics: sense of community, rules of a group, the identity of the Man and homophobia. 

Theatrically speaking we will try to do something that is not common for the Italian stages. Firstly a large cast, between 10 and 12 people, is essential to depict effectively the internal dynamics of this kind of group (’us against them’ and the impossibility of getting out once you are in). Secondly we would love to have a strong ensemble for a particular type of physical theatre that in Italy is rarely mixed with prose. 

Writing, directing and music composition will be devised together with the whole cast in the rehearsal room.




Luca Capito: Mozzafiato, forte, crudo, emozionante e reale!

Martina Pezzoli: Intanto grazie. Perché è stato bello. Ed è stato quello che il teatro è nato per essere, espressione della necessità di raccontare storie e viverle al sicuro nella persona di qualcun altro. Senza pizzi e merletti, che per carità, sono belli, bellissimi, ma a volte non servono. Quindi grazie a Dogma Theatre per aver trattato un argomento necessario nudi e crudi, senza fronzoli ma con tanta bellezza e senza dire né troppo né troppo poco. Le parole e i gesti giusti, quelli che servono. Quando mi sono alzata per applaudire, sinceramente commossa, ho sentito quel suono lì, quell’emozione per cui non ci sono parole e so che l’abbiamo sentita tutti, pubblico e attori. E la lacrima è rimasta appesa alle ciglia. Grazie.

Luca Capito: Breathtaking, strong, raw, exciting and real!

Martina Pezzoli: First of all, thank you. Because it was good. And it was what theater was born to be, an expression of the need to tell stories and live them safely in someone else’s person. Without laces, which for heaven’s sake are beautiful, but sometimes they are not needed. So thank you to Dogma Theater for dealing with a necessary subject naked and raw, without frills but with so much beauty and without saying too much or too little. The right words and gestures, the ones you need. When I got up to applaud, sincerely moved, I heard that sound there, that emotion for which there are no words and I know that we have all heard it, audience and actors. And the tear remained hanging on my lashes. Thank you. 

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