PRODUCTION Dogma Theatre Company

DIRECTION Claudia Mangini

FILMING & EDITING Natalia Recchia

WRITER Martina Colaprico

CHOREOGRAPHY Verdiano Cassone, Claudia Mangini, Adriana Recchia

DANCERS Verdiano Cassone, Claudia Mangini, Adriana Recchia

MUSIC Orion, Protopapa, Curved Mirror, Infinity Ripple, Johannes Bornlof

ITALIAN VOICE OVER Martina Colaprico, Gabriele Colferai, Claudia Mangini

ENGLISH VOICE OVER Brendan Lucia, Lèoni Hughes, Lily Catalifo


I can’t see, I can’t touch, I can’t breathe – these short tales are interwoven and stitched together through four narratives expressed through different times and space, where all our respective worlds collide ; mine, hers, his, theirs, ours.

We can save ourselves. In order to do this we must first take the plunge, the dive into a deep sea one that is filled with the fear of both past and future. But it is only in doing so that we can succeed in relishing the present moment.

A gift.

A place where physical contact is no longer a thing to be feared but a thing that brings strength and hope. A place where we can take a deep communal breath and let go all the terror of the unknown, the uncertain future. To breathe, to be as one, a force to be reckoned with – for so long as we do not overlook or forget one another, we are safe, we are loved, we are as one, and only in this way can we ever truly be free.

Never forget that this is always possible. It exists for you, for me, for us. We’ll always have art, and so shall always have each other.


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