Dogma’s SOLD OUT debut production

Cabin Fever


As part of the Camden Fringe 2018 DOGMA took their first show ‘Cabin Fever’ to the Monkey House for a 4 night run.

Calum Witney’s writing proved imaginative and complex

Roland is building a bomb. Aliens took his father, his family has disappeared, and still nobody will listen to him.

Drawing on classic 90’s science fiction titles with an original score, Cabin Fever plunges the audience into the mind of an individual propelled by a need for the truth. In an explosion of memory, we discover what has led him to this moment.

Fizz Margerson’s score complimented the tone of the piece from the start until the very end

At its core the play explores the destructive qualities that emerge when human beings refuse to listen to one another.

How far are you willing to go for what you believe?

Lucia remained strong and committed to his portrayal of the wide eyed, unhinged Roland. His physical switch from adult to child was crisp and believable






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