Cabin Fever (Short Version)

written by Calum Witney

directed by Gabriele Colferai

starring Gabriele Colferai, Gianpiero Pumo, Roberto Marraffa e Dacia Dacunto

Gabriele took Dogma to Rome to take part in ‘Shortlab’, an Italian Competition for short pieces of theatre. Dogma performed a 15 minute section from our original play ‘Cabin Fever’.

Cabin Fever’ was very well received by the Italian audience and Gabriele won ‘Best Director’ !!!

Roland, a commercial airline captain, encounters a UFO and collides with it mid-flight. The being onboard the UFO lands his plane, but the public belief is that it was Roland’s tenacity as a pilot that allowed for it’s safe landing. Unable to stand the misconception of his apparent heroism, Roland defies his employer’s plea to toe the party line and goes public with his extra-terrestrial encounter. Soon after his public statement about his experiences his family disappear from his home without a trace. Roland is hounded by the media and decides to flee to a cabin that his father built and used as a fishing lodge deep in the woodlands beyond the town. Surrounded by old memories, a rusted bed and a radio set, Roland begins to come to terms with a life in tatters. That is until a woman’s voice begins to speak to him through the radio set. She seems to know him, and to Roland’s disbelief she claims she can get his family back, there is just the small matter of extracting this information from a pilot she claims will crash land in the woodlands that evening. This is a disquieting conversation about the potency of open ears and open minds, and how far the love from our hearts can drive us mad.

Thank you to Elena Veronesi for creating the artwork for our poster!

You can check out her work here

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