A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down

The Brighton Fringe, 2019

Written and devised by Brendan Lucia

with the help of Lady Garden’s Artistic Director, Abi Smith

Starring Lily Catalifo and Léoni Hughes


“Might there be something to live for after all?”

Eva and Billie found each other searching for someone to commit suicide with; Complete strangers, they meet with nothing but a pack of cards and the clothes they are wearing. Join them in their tent as they spend their last night on Earth together, beginning to appreciate the beauty of nature and of each other’s company.

‘It’s a Long Way Down’ is an original, darkly comedic, duologue between two women who meet for the first time at the top of Beachy Head. It follows Billie and Eva in what might be the last night of their lives. 

The play is 55 minutes long, set in a tent, in ‘real time’. We do the play in a 10 man tent, so the audience (being a max of 12) can join us in the character’s world, creating a very intimate/immersive experience.

We feel it’s a topic that is not talked about enough in our society today. We wanted to make a piece of theatre that would open up these conversations, raise awareness about the issue, and hopefully show people that they are not alone; mental health issues can affect anyone.

From 20th-25th May we were at the Brighton Fringe, in New Steine Gardens, as ‘A Long Way Down’.


A Long Way Down – Review’s

Brighton Source – Mike Allen (Web Link – Here)

“‘A Long Way Down’ is cracking good theatre and must rank as one of the best short plays in the Brighton Fringe”

BN1 Magazine – Ben Norris (Web Link – Here)

“Uniquely organic example of storytelling.”



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