The Dogma Team

Dogma is an international collective established in 2017

We have expanded our collective since throughout London and Milan.

The idea for ‘Dogma’ started with our founder, Filippo Panigazzi, who loves and admires the work of Lars Von Trier and his movement Dogme95. Their goal was to simplify the creative process to concentrate on the story and actors’ performances.

Our logo was inspired by the ‘Magic Cave’ moment in Lars Von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’, where our world is on the verge of colliding into another planet, leaving us nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

As theatre makers we want to tell stories; hoping to find truth, humanity and humour in unlikely places. ’Dogma’ comes from the Ancient Greek, meaning “something true”.

The Dogma Team

Filippo Panigazzi

Filippo is an Actor and Yoga Teacher.

Filippo started his journey in Psychology before moving into Musical Theatre. After two years of training, Filippo moved to London to train in acting at Fourth Monkey.

Dogma was Filippo’s idea, he bought the company together after working with Gabriele and Léoni on a production of ‘Norway.Today' in London, in which he played ‘August’.

Filippo recently returned to the role of ‘August’ in Italy and is travelling Europe teaching Yoga.

He played also 'Oliver' in our show 'Cabin Fever' and 'Alan' in 'La Belva Giudea'

Claudia Mangini

Claudia is a Dancer, Actress and Singer.

Claudia has been working extensively in National Musical Theatre shows in Italy; Billy Elliot, The Sound Of Music, Evìta and A Chorus Line. She is currently working for Royal Caribbean as dancer/vocalist with two shows; Mamma Mia and Blue Planet on the "Allure of the sea" Caribbean Cruise.

Claudia works regularly as a Choreographer, working at the World Dance Movement festival in Apulia. She has also been Assistant Choreographer to Macia Del Prete for the National Tour of singer Emma Marrone and as Assistant Choreographer for Joshua Pelatzky and Michèle Assaf.

She recently trained with Gecko at the Winter Intensive Workshop in Ipswich and was selected for the International Artistic Residency ‘Landxcape’ in the category ‘Performance’, headed by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and Bjcem.

Claudia plays ‘July’ in our Italian version of ‘Norway.Today’.

Gabriele Colferai

Gabriele is an Actor, Director, Writer and Teacher.

He trained as a director at East15 in London after studying in Italy. Since then he has worked as John Caird's Assistant Director for ‘Hamlet’ in Japan, and wrote the Italian lyrics for the Libretto for the Opera ‘The Phoenix’.

Gabriele works as an Acting Teacher in Italy and also runs Shakespeare and Physical Theatre workshops. As well as working as Casting Director for TV and Cinema.

Gabriele has directed our English and Italian versions of ‘Norway.Today’ and our first production ‘Cabin Fever’. He is also directing the new italian project 'Feroci'.

Gabriele won the Best Directing Award at the Shortlab for 'La Belva Giudea'.

Léoni Hughes

Léoni is an Actress, Poet and Director.

Since finishing her training at Guildford School of Acting and Fourth Monkey in London, Léoni has worked on many projects as an Actress and more recently as an Assistant Director. She is part of National Youth Theatre and over the past year has worked regularly as an Assistant Director at Fourth Monkey with the Two Year Rep course on their Shakespeare project and the Year of the Monkey's 'Cult Season'.

Léoni plays Billie in our latest project 'A Long Way Down' which she co-wrote and devised.

Brendan Lucia

Brendan is an Actor, Director and Writer.

Brendan trained at Fourth Monkey and has directed on multiple projects since; 'All About My Mother' at the Cervantes Theatre and 'Ghetto' and 'Valhalla', assisting Rich Rusk. Brendan has also worked closely with Humane Theatre as a movement director for 'Anthropocene'.

Brendan played the role of 'Roland' in our first production, 'Cabin Fever', and directed our latest play 'A Long Way Down' which he co-wrote and devised.

Lily Catalifo

Lily is a bilingual Actress and Writer born and raised in Paris.

Lily has been working as an Actress since finishing her training at Fourth Monkey. Working on several films; The Queen of Ata, New You, Young In Bed, The Mark and television series Guerrilla.

Lily is currently filming as the lead in a female led comic book series and plays ‘Eva’ in our latest play ‘A Long Way Down’, which she co-wrote and devised.

Gianpiero Pumo

Gianpiero is a Sicilian Actor and Writer.

Gianp studied acting between Rome and New York at Susan Batson Studio and in the last ten years has been working in national TV Production, Theatre and Cinema.

In 2013 he wrote his first play "The Pretext", published by Di Mauro Editor. He also wrote "A Kiss From Your Fathers" included in the "Best Play List" of the year by Saltinaria.

Gianp is the leading actor in our production 'La Belva GIudea' one of the main characters of our new project 'Feroci'. He is currently working on his first film project as leading role and scriptwriter.

Roberto Marraffa

Roberto is an actor and acting teacher.

After his training in Milan he worked in some musical productions.

His first time with Dogma was the short version of Cabin Fever at Shortlab 2018.

He is assistant director in our new italian project 'Feroci' and he played 'Alan' in 'La Belva Giudea'.

Associate Artists

Mia Jerome

Mia is an Actress, Writer and Director.

With a degree in creative writing and television from Kingston University, Mia completed her actor training at Fourth Monkey in 2017.

Since then she has written two seasons of work for Fourth Monkey for the Camden Fringe; Scandal Season in 2018, in which she directed ‘Fatty’, and this year's Cult Season in which she directed 'Witness', an ensemble piece about the Children of God movement.

Mia toured the U.K. in 2018 with CBeebies show, ‘Bing live’, and plays the role of Bella in Punchdrunk’s ‘Small Wonders’.

Max Curtis

Max is an Actor, Photographer and Musician.

Part of The National Youth Theatre and from finishing his training at READ Dance & Theatre College, Max went on to train at Fourth Monkey in London.

Max works regularly as a creative with several Fourth Monkey-born theatre companies in fringe theatre and film, and worked on TNT/ADGE’s European tour of “Frankenstein: The Monster & The Myth” and starred in a guest role in BBC’s “Doctors”.

As a photographer, Max has worked alongside Eve Ensler and Monique Wilson at the “V20 London Rising” event in Central London, and continues to work with a host of creatives spanning live theatre, music, and social events, whilst maintaining a passion for street photography.

Fizz Margereson

Fizz is a Sound Artist, Performer and an Education Intern with the Voces 8 Foundation.

After graduating from her Music degree at York University, Fizz is pursuing her love for sound design. She is currently part of the sound design pool at the Almeida Theatre and composes the music and sound for several London based theatre companies, including “On The Run” and “Flat 4”.

Fizz was part of a BBC Proms programme for International Women’s Day as one of the 12 young female composers who collaborated and created a piece that was recorded at Maida Vale Studios and broadcast on Radio 3. She also works as a music outreach facilitator in schools and with South London Cares

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